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Intelligent Process Automation to extract insights from documents & websites

A.I. for

Accelerate Insights from
Documents & Webpages

What Botminds AI Does

Gather & Monitor

Gather & Monitor

  • Gather vast amount of data from disparate sources
  • Access web pages requiring complex navigation
  • Monitor constantly changing data across sources
Gather & Monitor

Read & understand

  • Derive deep semantic understanding from data
  • Use rich visual signals in data to achieve human-like understanding

Validate & Summarize

  • See extracted summary side-by-side along with original document or web page
  • Improve future results based on learning from user validation

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Are your business insights stuck
inside mounds of data?​

Enterprise data

80% of enterprise data is free-form text

Process automation

Process automation is complex and expensive

Existing automation

Existing automation solutions fail to meet your custom needs

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Turn complex data-centric process into crisp business insights

99% Faster Automation

Build a data process pipeline within hours rather than months with 100x-1000x fewer training examples.

90% Cost

Free up resources to focus on higher-value business initiatives rather than repetitive manual tasks.

10x Faster

Power up productivity and innovation for higher levels of customer satisfaction.

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