Document Understanding with DocuMind

Turn huge, complex documents into actionable intelligence.

Let the robots do the reading. So you can do business.

What if AI robots could read and understand complex documents like people do? But faster. More consistently. With supreme accuracy. What if robots could understand your business to aid your people? Like pointing out risk clauses within seconds buried in thousands of pages of text. Or reading tables like a pro. Sounds too good to be true?

Meet DocuMind


Understand hard-to-process data like free-form text and tables in a human like fashion.


Extract information from massive documents and sets of interrelated documents within seconds.


View a comprehensive summary of extracted values across multiple documents in a single place.


Read documents. Understand tables. Extract value.

Take the grunt work out of reading long documents. DocuMind specializes in understanding the semantic meaning of text in a human-like fashion so you can get accurate results not matter how complex the document.

DocuMind leverages visual cues like text size, color, styling and placement. This results in human-like understanding based on contextual information.

Understanding tables in PDF is tricky business. Most AI solutions fall short of truly 'reading' tables. But not DocuMind. It reads tables row-by-row, just like a human reader, and extracts each row as a table record. Even complex tables - like those split across multiple columns or containing sub-columns can be understood easily with DocuMind.

One flexible tool. For all your document understanding needs.

Say goodbye to cookie-cutter AI models and unrefined rule-based document understanding solutions. DocuMind is super flexible so you can build custom automation for all kinds of document scenarios across your business.

Even the same type of documents come in varying layouts. This is no problem, thanks for the completely customizable DocuMind interface. With a few examples of varying layouts, DocuMind reliably extracts key information from any layout.

Export results to a variety of file formats - PDF, JSON, CSV, TSV, HTML and more. Use API integration to connect results with upstream and downstream tools. Or leverage our RPA connectors to integrate with your favorite RPA tool.

Get high quality results. Every time.

AI and high accuracy don't have to be at odds. Achieve accuracy numbers as high as 99% in a fraction of the time that standard AI technologies take.

DocuMind offers the advanced human-in-the loop validation method. This means every edit or correction that the user makes to the results feeds back into the model to make for a smarter AI solution.

Point. Click. Automate.
No code. No hassle.

With DocuMind's no-code automation technology, a business user can easily build a custom AI solution within hours. All it takes is simple point and click activities to configure a world-class AI solution for the most complex document understanding problems.

Never lose context of the original document with DocuMind. See a side-by-side view of the original document and summarized results. DocuMind's advanced deep linking technology let's you jump to the reference text in the original document with a single click, even from results exported outside the tool.

Automate within days.
Not months or years.

DocuMind uses advanced transfer learning technology. This means it needs 100x-1000x fewer training examples than standard deep learning technologies. Hello lightning fast automation!

Thanks to the seamlessly integrated architecture of DocuMind, training the AI to understand your business needs is iterative and easy. Get a starter model with just a 100 examples. Simply give more examples for the data points that need higher accuracy to get the results you need.

Automate the entire document process. Seamlessly.

We understand that process automation is no good in piecemeal. DocuMind let's you automate the entire document process - gathering and monitoring, reading and understanding, summarization and validation - in an end-to-end seamless workflow.

With DocuMind, you can multiple users and changing document versions in a singular view to easily manage who is working on what.

DocuMind's Document Set feature can understand and summarize interrelated documents in a single comprehensive view. For example, you can generate comprehensive summaries for identity documents or related contract documents for the same client.

Alleviate your document process hurdles

Cut cost

Eliminate boring, redundant reading tasks. Refocus your subject matter experts’ time to higher value tasks.

Increase efficiency

Scale up transaction volume and improve customer experience with 10x-300x efficiency enhancement.

Rapid onboarding

Kickstart automation of new document process scenarios with fewer than 1% of the training examples than standard AI algorithms.

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Say goodbye to slow, redundant process. Let DocuMind find value in your documents.