Web Data Mining with WebBee

Gather data from the web at scale. Reliably.


Human-like navigation. Robot like speed.

What if you could mine data from thousands of web pages within hours? Without getting blocked. With human-like intelligence. What if robots could reliably get you the results you need to drive business innovation? Like 360 degree view of a company you want to invest in. Or when your competitor makes the next move. Sounds amazing, doesn't it?

Meet WebBee


Automate monitoring and data extraction from thousands of webpages with ease


Reliably extract key information from complex websites with human-like navigation


Evade custom coding and countless rule-based algorithms to address webpage layout changes

No blocks. Reliable results every time.

Tired of destination site blocking? WebBee uses proprietary technology that prevents destination site blocking. This means you get reliable results, no matter which site. If the data is public, WebBee will get it for you.

No direct links? No problem.

Navigate to pages without direct links with WebBee. Type text, click drop downs, and submits forms. WebBee enables human-like navigation so no web page is out of reach.

Find information from subpages easily. WebBee can discover child pages with simply a domain name. It can auto-classify pages to figure out what they contain and extract information from them.

Scale your data. At the pace of your business.

We understand that you need to churn through lots of data to make the best business decisions. So we've build WebBee capable of mining massive volumes of data from multiple sources.

Read and summarize webpages. Extract value.

Use WebBee to read web pages like a human. Read blurbs of text and convert them into structured data to use for downstream tools.

Recognize free-form text, tables, attachments, and PDF files on web pages to capture information with high accuracy.

WebBee uses contextual information to understand the actual semantic meaning of text. This results in high accuracy results that are not blindsided by partial information from text blobs.

Onboard new data sources. With ease and speed.

Say goodbye to long onboarding processes every time you need data from a new source. With WebBee, you can automate data collection from new sources within hours rather than weeks or months. WebBee's seamlessly integrated architecture along with transfer learning enables speedy and iterative training.

Using WebBee's rich validation and edit interface, a user can give feedback on results to improve the AI model. This human-in-the-loop logic enable WebBee to achieve supremely high accuracy numbers

Build one robust solution. Add repeated value.

Say goodbye to custom scripts and rule based logic. WebBee used advanced AI to identify blocks of relevant information and fetches them even if the page layout changes.

Monitor for new information automatically so you don’t miss a beep. Know when new subpages are available or a new PDF is posted easily with WebBee.

Build a robust data collection pipeline with WebBee's advanced error handling and alert capabilities, to know when the source is inaccessible.

Monitor and Mine 10x faster

Increase Revenue

Scale up business through fast, reliable automation. Keep pace with the demands of your customers and the market.

Innovate with new scenarios

Enable scenarios never before possible. Get to massive amounts of data fast to delight customers.

Stay on top of competition

Make better decisions informed by fresh data. Help your customers do the same.

Solutions by Usecases


Competitive Monitoring

Faster, more accurate, more reliable data. From more websites.


Company Research

Investment decisions made better with the power of fresh data

No blocks, no issues. Catch all the buzz on the web easily with WebBee.