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Need of AI in Infrastructure

Historically, the infrastructure sector has slacked in its reception of new innovation. That pattern is evolving, in any case, with new-age organizations moving towards digital solutions to solve project difficulties and improve results. A great deal of that venture is occurring explicitly around AI, with an ongoing report forecasting the organizations spending more than four billion dollars in AI by 2026. 

Construction projects are intrinsically mind boggling, with loads of moving parts. While there is a judgement that the emphasis ought to be on execution, actually venture achievement is in increasingly reliant on foolproof systems which is accurate, fast & economical . This is a territory where AI is having a noteworthy effect. 

Botminds AI in the major
use-cases of Construction


Tender Risk Analysis​

Botminds AI identifies the red-flag clauses that need critical examination & quantifies risks in 1000s of pages of tender documents to make a bid decision.


BOQ Generator​

Botminds AI offers holistic and intelligent BOM generating solutions to swiftly evaluate millions of parts to improve order accuracy, save time and increase confidence in the purchase.



AI Powered Bid/Tender Risk Analysis


On an average 350 man hours were spent by tender analysts in a leading construction company to quantify risks in 1000s of pages of tender documents. Analysts need to decide whether to bid, analyse the risks involved, and identify key red-flag clauses that need critical examination.

Different document formats – predominantly scanned image documents need processing. The risk matrix used to evaluate this is very specific to the company/business unit. Seemingly good terms in the original document may have turned highly risky in subsequent amendments.

A reliable way to handle multiple documents and track changes in the clauses in amendments is required. Business sensitive tender documents are not always public and hence cannot be shared outside the company network.

Assisted Earning Release Commentary - Simplified
5 Days to 5 Minutes
With skills trained to identify red flag clauses and to quantify risks at clause level, TA got scores on upload.
80% Time Saved
Document sets, automated risk evaluation resulted in single person doing validation for each tender against 3 earlier.
100% Accuracy with HITL
After 15 days of training using 1000 documents we achieved all quality metrics defined before starting.
90% Efficiency Improvement
Trained models shared with other departments for similar tender analysis resulting in significant onboarding efficiency for subsequent projects.

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