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Need of AI in Finance

In recent years, the need to improve customer experience, achieve greater operational efficiency in order to remain competitive and meet tougher regulatory and enforcement demands are key drivers of increased interest in digital transformation. The movement of digital change is expected to continue with regulators around the world promoting creativity, including using legislative sandboxes for the piloting of emerging technology. 

The global market for Intelligent Process Automation is expected to reach  almost US$ 6.9 billion by 2025. The operations which are manually managed, routine procedure requires minimal judgement & highly time intensive are the best ones to implement IPAs. Intelligent Process Automation has a huge potential to digitally transform how finance based organizations operates. 

Botminds AI in the major
use-cases of Financial Services


Equity Research

Botminds AI reads and comprehends all documents about a publicly traded company enabling equity researchers to perform search with natural language questions.


Assisted Commentary​​

Botminds AI reads and annotates an ER call transcript for market sentiment impacting information and provides a summary.​


SEC Filings Abstraction

Botminds AI monitors the filings website and extracts the financial data from any text based sources like paragraph and tables


Events Tracking

Botminds AI reads every press release, categorizes it and extracts the business-critical information as a structured summary



AI Powered Earning Release Commentary


Equity researchers of a leading credit rating organization have to read and comprehend 100s of pages of newly published filings within minutes to create a commentary. Sending out the first commentary about a regulatory filing within minutes is critical. Ensuring the accuracy and quality of the note is of paramount importance to the business.

Different set of KPIs to track for different industries or sectors is a big impediment when new automation initiatives are tried to augment equity researchers. Quick cross reference to earlier filings or by other competitors is required to write an insightful commentary.

Ability to do an in-depth search over the entire archive is a major need with no good solution. Some level of auto commentary generation with quick validation and verification by SMEs is expected.

Assisted Earning Release Commentary - Simplified
20 mins to 6 mins​
Automatic extraction from SEC filings + auto report generation with intuitive validation UI reduced time to create notes from 20 minutes to 6 minutes
30% Cost Savings
From a 3 member team tasked to create notes during earning call day its reduced to validation activity of core equity researcher.
99% Accuracy
The manual workforce are into more valuable non-mundane validation and verification of automated report, there-by high quality deliverable.
3X more capacity
The efficiency in the operations improved so the number of organizations covered by the equity research team increased 3 times.

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