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Build company profiles with real-time data scattered across the web


Fetch critical data from infinite number of sources with autonomous monitoring


Leverage our no-code platform to say goodbye to custom coding for profile building

Stay on top of what's new

Automatically monitor a wide range of company events like leadership changes, corporate announcements, meetings, conference presentations and financial disclosures. Access and analyze event data in one consolidated view. Build a watch list to get notified about critical changes in the company profile. 

Track company financials

Aggregate company financials such as profit & loss statements, balance sheets and cash flow statements into a single, structured view. Trace back to the original source location for context and easy validation.  

More angles for richer data

Get to alternative data not easily reachable to your competitors. Back your fundamental data with impactful data points like public sentiment, social media posts, consumer behavior, price variations and more.

Track the management team

Identify key organizational decision-makers, study key relationships and assess senior management’s strengths. Get background data on individuals such as compensation, performance and historical records for benchmarking.

Success Story

Read how Botminds AI helped an Investment Bank reduce their company-research profile creation time by 70%.

Gain the advantage of fresh insights

Higher value

Scale-up research to thousands of new sources. Minimize your expense-to-profit ratio.

Differentiated research

Leverage hidden datasets and accurate real-time information for better predictive analysis.

Timely decisions

Spend your productive time on doing actual research rather than manually checking for new information.

Get fresh data across the board, to accelerate your investment decisions.