Competitive Monitoring to stay ahead

Faster, more accurate, more reliable data. From more websites.

Know what's on your competitor's mind

Know what's on your competitor's mind


Onboard new sources irrespective of the structure and complex navigation needs


Automate the tedious and massive manual searches to check for new updates


Bypass the complicated blocking algorithms with human-like navigation

Data across competitor websites

Gather equivalent data points across competitors’ easily for apples-to-apples comparison among competitors. We know that each site is different. So we built technology that is flexible enough to adapt to the dynamic nature of destination sites.

One competitor, many angles

Learn everything there is to know. Get the same data point about a competitor from multiple web sources to build a comprehensive data view.

Discover relevant pages

Just name your competitor, and we’ll find everything that you care about. No need for custom, rule-based code to discover relevant links on your competitor’s site to get to the real intelligence.

Extract metadata from paragraphs

Build a complete profile of a company or person by reading through descriptions and job history blurbs. Use these structured metadata values to feed into downstream tools for in-depth analysis.

Get past site blocking

Don’t take no for an answer. Using our intelligent web navigation pipeline, you can say goodbye to being blocked from accessing public data on the web.

Helping partners to win

“Tracking product details like price changes and product descriptions continuously on our competitor’s site was really a struggle because of ever changing scripts and complex blocking algorithms. Botminds was a one-stop platform for all of our challenges and now we are able to setup a pipeline from any new website in a couple of days.”

– Head of Machine Learning, Large Marketplace Company

Success Story

Read how Botminds AI helped a Business Intelligence company build a highly scalable competitive monitoring process

Drive data backed actions

Rapid onboarding

Competitive monitoring for any new web sources independent of site-specific scripts.

Stay informed

Never miss a competitor’s single move regardless of what the data source.

More business

Scale up your data volume without disrupting productivity and downstream tool integration.

From crawling to tackling blocking issues, you’ll discover the easiest way to do them all