Accelerate lease data abstraction

Manage risks like a champion across all your commercial leases

Intelligent lease bots at your service

Instant summarization

Automate thorough reading and understanding of lease documents. Obtain 1000+ key data points such as rights, obligations, duties, liabilities and risks from your lease documents and summarize them instantaneously. 

Dynamic automation

Streamline the process irrespective of variations in document formats, layouts and  language. Our AI will learn what you’re looking for by reading the document.   

Robust risk management

Detect dependencies among original leases, revisions and amendments. Quickly highlight risk clauses and score them based on the custom risk severity for your business. 

Enhanced Accuracy through Contextual Validation

Validate extracted clauses side-by-side with the original lease document. Every correction feeds back to make the AI model even smarter for future documents, thanks to our human-in-the-loop technology.

Success Story

Read how Botminds AI helped a Business Process Management company reduce the time taken for Lease Abstraction from 12 hours to 2 hours.

Save 90% of time in leases

Robust integration

Easily export summarized data or integrate with downstream tools, property management or accounting software using our APIs.

Faster implementation

Automate end-to-end lease abstraction within just a few hours of AI training. No coding. No hassle.

Reduced expenses

Augment your experts’ skills to reduce  manual tasks. Use a singular platform for automating process end-to-end cut cost and simplify operations.

From abstraction to integration, find efficiency and savings through it all.