Digital Mailroom on Auto-Pilot

Invigorate your customer communication with powerful automation

Platform built for massive volume


Eliminate the complex unmanageable legacy rule-engines with the help of contextual awareness


Do 10x more volume and get rid of unnecessary checks and balances


Deliver high quality results and instantly recognize the documents with potential fallacies


Classify tens of thousands of incoming emails across hundreds of categories accurately based on content understanding. Our AI reads. So you don’t have to. Enjoy the benefits of automated mail management so you can focus on more important tasks.


Push classified emails automatically to relevant business units based on the workflow rules. Get notified when new documents arrive.


Boost the productivity of your subject matter experts by summarizing emails for them. Eliminate manual data entry and convert content into semantically searchable documents. 

Contextual validation

Validate extracted data with full context to the original source email. Deep links in extracted documents takes you back to the exact page and location where information was found.

Success Story

Read how Botminds AI helped a Business Process Management company boost their bottom line growth by 50% in claim sorting operations

Make your mailroom smarter

More volume

Scalable platform to support massive volumes of documents across thousands of categories.

Faster implementation

Configure end-to-end automation pipeline without code or data-science expertise. 

Save time

Reduce the number of employee hours spent on boring manual tasks to free up resources for strategic activities. 

Amp up your mailroom, to bring ease and speed to your operations.