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Automation platform to create tailor-made risk profiles that fit your business

Uncover the hidden risks


Handle huge documents with 1000s of pages without missing any key information


Track multiple versions of the tenders with the contextual understanding


Build customized risk analysis automation which matches your risk profile

Auto-extraction of risk clauses

Extract critical clauses from thousands of pages of text without missing any key information. Even if it is in the footnotes.

Customized risk scoring

Auto-assign risk scores to new tenders based on custom-defined risk profiles exclusive to your business.

Contextual summarization

Generate downloadable tender information sheets with values that link back to the original document location with one click.

Rich validation interface

Subject matter experts can validate extracted clauses side-by-side with the original document. Human-in-the-loop validation means every correction makes the results 100% accurate.

Helping partners to win

The bidding days were always so dreadful before the arrival of Botminds. With their auto-finding and summarizing capabilities, the hectic tender evaluation process has been shortened from 5 days to 5 hours. Thanks to Botminds.”

Chief Digital Officer, Construction Conglomerate

Success Story

Read how Botminds helped a Construction Conglomerate shorten their tender risk analysis process by 80%

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Build confidence

Say goodbye to delayed and stressful bid competition.

Remove Subjectivity

Streamline process across business units by eliminating risk subjectivity of tender handlers.

Save time

Shrink hours spent on manual identification of critical clauses.

From dealing with risk clauses to amendments, discover ease with it all.