What makes Botminds AI an Automation Revolutionary


What makes Botminds AI an Automation Revolutionary

Data from anywhere

  • Import and monitor data anywhere –  web sites, cloud or local storage.
  • Human-like web navigation capabilities for data typically hard to reach through automation.


  • Create custom document process automation that captures “SME skills” to meet business specific needs.
  • Orchestrate multiple models for truly intelligent discovery.
  • Browser integration to fetch web data in a way conducive for machine learning.


  • Build automation that adapts to your business needs. With AI at every step, changes in layout, format or meaning of content is no problem.
  • The custom AI models you create are the building blocks for your automation pipeline. 

Rapid Automation

Our transfer learning based approach enables users to create custom models with fewer than 1% of the training examples required by traditional deep learning approaches.

Human-Centric AI

  • Our human-in-the-loop  approach learns from user feedback to improve output data quality.
  • Automate document process pipelines in hours rather than months with our iterative training approach. 
  • Achieve superbly high accuracy through incremental training.

Point & Click training

  • Simple UI based training. No coding necessary.
  • Never lose context of the original document. See extracted data side-by-side. Click on contextual links to go back to the original text in the document.
  • Human like reading considers visual signals like text color, formatting and placement for accurate semantic understanding.

Lighten Up Your

Document-Centric Operations

Extract data with ease from large and complex documents. Identify key sections, extract datapoints and values of interest from your document.

Convert any unstructured document into structured information
Click & Navigate with Interactive documents enabling faster browsing
Validate extracted values by having document content side-by-side

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