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Next-gen RPA

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Challenges in
Traditional Automation

Several automation technologies such as Robotic Process Automation(RPA) allows business professionals to configure digital robots to automate mundane, structured repeated work between multiple systems and fill automation gaps to speed-up the business operations. The “bots” work directly through user interfaces to imitate the actions of an employee, including logging into applications, copying and pasting information, opening e-mails and attachments, and filling forms.

RPA can be beneficial for the process that deals with the structured documents and web-pages. But what about unstructured content? What RPA does with different document types or page formats with a lot of distractions & noise? In the quest for complete Process Automation in enterprises, unstructured documents are the biggest problem. The moment RPA meets the unstructured documents, it fails miserably. 


Need of Intelligence

According to a Gartner Report, 61% of Decision Makers agreed to the fact “Process with unstructured data are not suitable for most RPA Tools,”[i.e., processes with a lot of documents and informal communications]. Developing applications to read documents for process automation takes many months to years with strong data science and engineering team. Even after building an intelligent process pipeline for a particular operation, it doesn’t secure any guarantee that it would be suitable for another operation even within the same department.

Meet Intelligent Process Automation

Intelligent Process Automation (IPA) is a collection of systems that blend to manage, streamline and incorporate digital processes. The primary technologies that make up IPA are Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Why IPA is Essential

Intelligent Process Automation offers the versatile and problem solving perspective necessary to allow for a holistic approach to business process automation. IPA automates the identification and extraction of content from unstructured documents like contracts, leases, emails, and web pages. By leveraging IPA, enterprises  can now automate the extraction of data from complex documents along with structured and semi-structured documents, helping to accelerate transactions while significantly reducing operating costs.

Additionally, RPA secures the speed and efficiency. Deploying robots that imitate human actions helps to lower tasks which are very manual and labor intensive, such as re-keying data from one system to another.

Working in complementary with RPA warrants the great intelligence and decision making. This brings another level of upgrade to automation as the IPA can analyze data in a way that a human could not, recognizing data patterns, and learning from past decisions to make increasingly smart choices.

Continuous improvement

Botminds AI is a ever-learning platform that identifies trends & patterns within the operations. Accuracy & Speed continuously improves as the times goes on.

Minimize Risk

Botminds AI takes care of automation and makes sure nothing deviates from the organizational standard and minimize the risk of errors such as incorrect data entry.

Better decisions

Botminds AI ensures No-Bias, Consistency, and Enables Subject Matter Experts to focus on the most problematic cases.

Speed Delivered

Botminds AI enables you to  accelerate end-to-end processing particularly where there are large volumes of unstructured documents in minutes.

superman for the documents

Botminds is IPA for Documents

Botminds AI leverages state-of-the-art technology and has a vertically integrated  platform to build document process automation pipeline in minutes.

Platform reads & understands documents like humans. This enables the enterprises to get 10X efficiency improvement in the document-centric operations. Botminds AI provides tools for intelligent document processing use cases that let business people rapidly automate text-based processes in every industry, including banking, finance, insurance, healthcare & real estate.

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